World of Carlie Carson

In 1956 , Carlie Carson, an english woman full of talent and courage, began the journey towards her dream: creating an atelier of dresses in the name of the best fashion styles of the decade.

Beginning in a small atelier in London, city renowned for its solid tradition of silk factories and textile manufacturers, Carlie Carson used her talent as a skilled dress maker to create works of art enhancing feminine beauty. 



The swinging sixties spawned a generation of young people looking for a fresh, sexy and unconventional style. New fashion icons emerged to the rhythm of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and The Who. Brigitte Bardot was legendary and Jean Shrimpton were destined for fame.


 The ideals of peace, love and “flower power”, as championed by the hippie generation, swept a wave of profound change the country. Carlie Carson launched a new concept of dresses: it released more colourful collections with multicoloured floral, plaid, and checked patterns.



The great youth revolution carried on into the seventies. It was a time of sexual freedom, conscientious objection, and commitment to women’s rights. The trends of the seventies called for dresses that would give the wearer a sleek and natural shape. Carlie Carson moved in this direction by furthering its research and creating lightweight, comfortable and loose-fitting designs including versatile silk knits.



A decade of decadence and hedonism marked by the drive to succeed at all costs. Women’s fashion embraced the extremes: the daytime suits of a growing army of career women, contrasting with the extravagant evening wear characterised by pouf skirts, shoulder pads and ultra-bright colours. By this time, Carlie Carson had become world famous, with collections in the most prestigious markets. 



In the wake of the glittering eighties, fashion in the early nineties favoured rich fabrics with elaborate lines and glamorous nonchalance. Carlie Carson campaign roots portrayed a dramatic, dynamic and intensely seductive woman in a dress that matched her shoes, jewellery, jackets, and even hats. The trend of blurring boundaries between public and private emphasised the gradual ascent of lingerie to the world of fashion.


Carlie Carson had followed the evolution of the female body trough different fashions and trends becoming the dress brand synonymous with “Mature Sophistication”.



Femininity in the purest state. Dream, emotion, perfection. Carlie Carson continued to shape every woman’s desires and interprets its collections with a creative  sensitivity at the highest level of elegance and style.



Carlie Carson’s ability to transmit the spirit of its creations across each decade is certainly the secret to the brand’s success. Thanks to the collaboration of talented photographers Carlie Carson visual communication was, and still is, a passionate exploration of the feminine universe.



The Present

Carlie Carson is under the company name Urban Horizon Pte Ltd and stands as one the global leaders in the luxury fashion market, proving what would be considered as a historic brand that can adapt, innovate and transform in the face of competition and the obstacles that affect the societies we live in.